World Anvil: Three Weeks Later

Late last month, I activated an account at the worldbuilding site World Anvil to organize my D&D homebrew setting. As I wrote back then, I did not immediately like everything. The fact that my players had to deal with ads as non-subscribers was the most disappointing feature and I am not a big fan of BBCode when formatting text.

It’s been three weeks now and I am loving the site. The UX is clunky at times, but that’s more than compensated for by the love that is being put into the site as a whole and into its community. For example, this December saw a writing prompt advent calendar, with a new writing prompt each day to flesh out your world. A brief, enthusiastic video is there to kickstart the creative juices and you can quickly browse the responses that others have written to the prompts.

While the organization system took some getting used to (for example, only through trial and error did I find that the organization template Geopolitical, Province is not a good match for the provinces in one of my kingdoms, while the geographical location template is) it works quite nicely when you get it and it nudged me towards detailing things I would otherwise shrug away.

As a result of writing prompts and template nudges, what started as a migration effort quickly turned into original writing, and that’s clear value for money. I expect this site to be a keeper, although I will also be giving Legend Keeper a shot.

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