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Changelog D&D Beyond

I made some changes to the mechanics of items that are in play and updated them in D&D Beyond.   Amulet of Fortune The Amulet of Fortune now specifically states that it targets a single creature. It no longer requires attunement and is no longer class-specific.   Censer of Warding The Censer of Warding now has two charges, recharging itself…


They might not realise it, but things are looking bleak for Bingverd Flossbottom, Ballelds Landidith and Bor Durlyne. Flossbottom is firmly but uncomfortably secured in the secret compartment of a cart, Durlyne has attracted the attention of recently homeless Uktarian orphans and Landidith is combining his role as trusted advisor to the king with having his face plastered on wanted signs throughout Prydisyrr.

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