Post-encounter: Yhahivit

After the intensive fight against the gnolls who had taken over the wood elf commune Yhahivit, our large party of heroes — Bor Durlyne, Bingverd Flossbottom, Gaf Bhytear, Magyor the Gull, Thadil, Tijl Morgenster, Aron Staal and the suddenly appeared Thardis and Tsunami — was still left standing, while the demon Geehynki was exorcised.

Bor silently puts down his bow and browses through the pages of the diary he had taken for Magyor. In between beautiful handwriting, he sees sketches and portraits of what he assumes have been fellow travelers of Magyor and his wife. Suddenly, his eyes are caught by the drawing of someone exactly like him.

The face in the diary

For a moment, only the cold wind of the Qosidian winter can be heard blowing through the forest around Yhahivit. The party crashes to the ground on the blooded, snowy hill where the dead body of the possessed gnoll lies.

The old wood elf Magyor approaches the party, still trembling from battle. “I… I think Qosid owes you its gratitude. While you could not save Yhahivit, you may have saved many other communes from the claws of Morsyana‘s hounds. Please, let me care for your wounds, in the spirit of Zodan.”

Magyor leads part of the group into the central tree, from which the Fang of Geekhynki had jumped. Others initially stay behind and clean up the corpses left behind by the skirmish. The gnolls had been fighting with weaponry looted from the elves, including a beautifully adorned golden glaive and as Tsunami treat his own wounds, he removes the Fang of Geehynki from his flesh.

The central tree building consists of ten walls of equal size, one of which contained a door frame that was severely damaged by the gnolls. Each wall displays a panel at the top, with light coming in from glass windows in the roof and floor. Parts of the tree grow through the room, like organic columns and in the center an alcove has been fashioned out of the tree’s wood, containing a statue of Zodan. The walls are lined with cushioned couches.

Once everyone is in and treated by Magyor and Thardis, Bor approaches Magyor and shows him the page he found in the diary of Magyor’s wife. “Who is this?” Bor enquires. “I dropped the book and it flipped open on this page.”

Magyor takes a look at Bor’s face and his eyes widen. “There was something about you. I couldn’t put my finger on it. But yes! Come, let me show you something.” He leads Bor to one of the wall panels and clears his throat. “What you see here is the history of the commune, as painted by my love once we had arrived at our current location. It shows how we used to live in Silimanis, in Aeclyra. How the humans arrived, those industrious buggers, and how they lived together with us. Then here, you see what it was like when Morsyana came and how we ultimately triumphed over her darkness. And then…”

Magyor pauses.

“And then the Labarean invasion. Here you see the White Temple of Aeclyra as a hospital for human rebels. And here you see us leave Silimanis, exactly as King Olyxx III told us. We were led to this tree here by the Whisperer, who talks to gods. Zodan himself led our commune to this forest site, near the river source.”

Magyor returns to the panel where the Aeclyra commune is readying itself to leave. “Here, the Whisperer, the Bur, can be seen. This was some 180 years ago. You can see his face – this is how he was. This is the person you found in the diary and yes, back then he looked exactly as you look now. Look, here you have his wife, and as you can see, she… she was carrying a baby. “

” Where are they? still alive?” Bor asks. Magyor grimaces. “Cannu is still alive. He is our… my Representative and he is in Thellur. Talii — your mother — Cannu never explained what happened, but she lost her life as they moved here. They initially stayed behind with their son.. with you, but we neither saw Talii or the little one arrive here. Until today.”

Magyor moves to the center of the room and stares at the statue of Zodan for a while.

“Your appearance here was no coincidence,” he proclaims loudly, drawing everyone’s attention. “All of you did not arrive here by fortune alone. It has been a sign from Zodan. As things change, they stay the same, says the lord of the rivers. While I considered the death of my friends to be the end of a community, it is not. I will rebuild it. You were all sent here to show me I should.”

“As an expression of my gratitude, you can stay here as long as you want and use all this commune has to offer. You can join the commune if you wish, although I can respect it if you have other duties. And as a reward for your heroics, I wish to hand you a sword that has been within our commune since the War of the Sisters. It was with this sword that we fought the onslaught of Morsyana’s forces. Its name is Flametongue.”


  • Golden glaive with elven runes
  • Geehynki’s Fang
  • Flametongue
  • 40 gold pieces worth of elven craft coinage, Labarean coins and other valuables
  • 2 times Potion of Greater Healing
  • Various ingredients, including dried moss variants, orctongue mushrooms, wood cheese, nuts and berries
  • A ceremonial cloth made of Osfynn (valuable material)
  • A Labarean hurdy-gurdy
  • Herbalist ingredients

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