Narrated resolution

On Geek and Sundry, Rick Heinz has some suggestions for handling infrequent play. One of his tips stood out to me:

If you were at a critical plot point and you’re determined to finish that storyline; that’s okay! Ending the current mission with narration and resetting the group from the start is still better than keeping them in the middle. Have a cave-in collapse and force them to retreat back to camp, or a poisoning ends the very important dinner—anything to reset the mission from the start. 

Rick Heinz, 3 GM Tips to Restart a Campaign After a Long Hiatus

I’ve considered doing this for the on-going storyline Secret of Pellvyr, but some players resisted the idea. They invested in the story and do not want to lose agency. I think the latter can be remedied by having the players roll for some key plot points in order to guide narration, but the former can be a difficult beast if players anticipated they’d be working through the climax of a storyline.

Yet I do think the suggestion would work very well for the spotlight one-shots I posted about recently. In case the pacing of the one-shot is off and the story does not finish by the end of the session, the rest is narrated by the DM.

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