Spam, destroyer of worlds

I am sad to inform you that all the content of the Tome of Dorgoth is gone.

It started with an injection into the website last summer. Auto-generated users posted auto-generated content and pretty much polluted the whole wiki while draining my server capacity.

As the wiki software DokuWiki lacks pruning tools, I started manually removing the injected content through FTP (one of the nice things about DokuWiki is that it uses a folder system instead of a database). And there, I did something wrong, because although I was under the impression I had only selected the thousands of files that contained spam, I somehow managed to delete all wiki entries.

For a while I figured that returning to a previous state would still be possible through my hosting provider, but that’s not the case. And that means that there’s a lot of stuff that just evaporated, such as the entry on wood elf culture and politics, or the biographies of the currently important NPCs.

What I will do is upload the old materials that I have, and just start building again. It is a setback to lose so much writing, and it is demotivating to say the least, but besides some of the intricacies of Dathyllian family trees and a lot of names, I don’t think the worldbuilding is forever lost.

And yeah, I will back up like a good boy from now on.

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