Changelog D&D Beyond

I made some changes to the mechanics of items that are in play and updated them in D&D Beyond.


Amulet of Fortune

The Amulet of Fortune now specifically states that it targets a single creature. It no longer requires attunement and is no longer class-specific.


Censer of Warding

The Censer of Warding now has two charges, recharging itself at dawn. It will also only affect Beasts from now on and will no longer work on bugbears, as these creatures are humanoids.. The item description is also more specific about the item’s effect: targeted creatures become Frightened, as per the D&D condition.


Mad Cooks Cooking Book

Besides the fluff, the  Mad Cooks Cooking Book now also has a formalized effect: it provides advantage on checks that relate to cooking Beasts, Plants, Monstrosities and Oozes. The fluff can be found here, by the way.


Laeryllian Wood Elf

A special class for the wood elf in Laeryll was made, to reflect the race’s affinity with cooking.


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