Mission to Qosid

They might not realise it, but things are looking bleak for Bingverd Flossbottom, Ballelds Landidith and Bor Durlyne. Flossbottom is firmly but uncomfortably secured in the secret compartment of a cart, Durlyne has attracted the attention of recently homeless Uktarian orphans and Landidith is combining his role as trusted advisor to the king with having his face plastered on wanted signs throughout Prydisyrr.

To make things worse, Ballelds convinced King Olyxx III to have him sent on a diplomatic mission to Qosid, the home of the wood elves. Exactly the types who already subscribe to all stereotypes of manic, magic-obsessed high elves, and who would not take kindly to hearing that a man wanted for arson, burglary, theft and racketeering is sent their way to persuade them to join the latest war decreed from the decadent throne in Laeryll.

The fact that Ballelds is accompanied by Province Keeper Gaf Bhytear and a wood elf friend might help a little bit, but as soon as the Qosidians figure out that this wood elf friend is a mentally unstable rogue raised by humans, they might change their minds. Oddly enough, it appears that the fugitive pervert bard Bingverd is the party’s best chance at making a good impression.

Things are looking bleak, indeed.

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